Live and Direct
As an extension of his film and video work Max Hattler performs live audiovisual works at festivals, in art spaces, and sometimes in clubs.
Max has collaborated live with visual artists such as Noriko Okaku, Robert Seidel, Ocusonic, Mikhail Karikis, Motorsaw, i.m.klif, Protey Temen and Sune Petersen, as well as with sound and music artists including Steve Beresford, Blood Wine or Honey, Idiotape, dj sniff, Basement Jaxx, Rework, Diplo, My Panda Shall Fly, Jovanotti, Ladyscraper, The Egg, Kraan, Mehmet Can Özer, Hellmut Hattler, Vesper On and many others.
- Pierre Jodlowski: Mad Max, Ulm, Germany, Sat 29 Aug 2020, 20:30-22:00 (Visuals by Max Hattler for Serie Rose and Serie Noire; presented by Griesbadgalerie and Ponte Festival as part of the new music series This Sounds Good (and Looks Good))
- Taichung International Animation Festival, Taichung, Taiwan, 13 Oct 2019 (Hattlerizer 4.D stereoscopic audiovisual performance)
- Lightplay. Experimental Animation and the Bauhaus Legacy (Symposium), City University of Hong Kong, Sat 14 Sep 2019 (Hattlerizer 4.D stereoscopic audiovisual performance)
- Anifilm, Trebon, Czech Republic, 7-12 May 2019 (Hattlerizer 4.D, 30-minute stereoscopic audiovisual performance with music by Max Hattler + Lux Prima)
- 26th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart, Germany, Sat 4 May 2019 (Rework vs. Max Hattler - Electronic Music and Animated Visuals)
- Processing Community Day, Droste's Spectrum Saloon, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Sat 16 Feb 2019 (AudioVision: Max Hattler vs. 3x3x3, 30-minute live performance)
- Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art (ISCMA), Hong Kong, 4-7 Jan 2019 (VJ set w/ DJ Olli Tapio Leino at Conference Reception on Fri 4 Jan 2019)

HATTLERIZER 3.0 at Fest Anca, Zilina, Slovakia, 2018
HATTLERIZER 3.0 at Fest Anca, Zilina, Slovakia, 2018. 35-minute audiovisual live performance. "It may seem that time is not an important topic in Max Hattler's work (who also won a Special Mention Award for his Divisional Articulations), for space in his work is being manipulated and carefully deconstructed. However, performing with Spanish musician Jordi Baldó – aka VesperOn (Sounds via Nintendo Game Boy), he gave one of the most stress-free and simultaneously complex festival events, where the concrete passing of time (seconds, minutes etc.) is simply not taken into account." Vassilis Kroustallis, Zippy Frames, 2018

- Strange Umbrellas #21, V22 Louise House, London, UK, Sat 4 Aug 2018 (w/ Steve Beresford and Charlotte Keeffe)
- Exploding Dynamo: Audio-Visual Performances, Dynamo, Odense, Denmark, Fri 27 Jul 2018 (Hattlerizer 4.D stereoscopic performance)
- Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Zilina, Slovakia, Sat 30 Jun 2018 (HATTLERIZER 3.0, w/ Vesper On)
- Fear & Celebration Celebration, Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong, Fri 8 Jun 2018 (w/ Blood Wine or Honey)
- KLEX: Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival, RAW Art Space, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9:30pm Fri 24 Nov 2017 (w/ Sudarshan Chandra Kumar)
- Extended Eclectics, XXX, Hong Kong, 29 May 2017 (VJ set w/ dj sniff)
- Anxious Party / People Party, Studio 9, Hong Kong, 6 May 2017 (w/ Blood Wine or Honey)
- Sonar Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1 Apr 2017 (w/ Blood Wine or Honey)
- Clockenflap Festival, Hong Kong, 26 Nov 2016 (w/ Mad Professor)
- Extended Eclectics, School of Creative Media Information Day, Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong, 15 Oct 2016 (A/V performance w/ dj sniff, Shane Aspegren, Sune Petersen)
- Clockenflap Festival, Hong Kong, 29 Nov 2015 (live visuals with #Normal Sound System: Christiaan Virant & James Banbury)
- Summit at Sea, Miami and International Waters, 14 Nov 2015 (VJ set)
- German Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015, Milan, Italy, Thu 1 Oct 2015 (HATTLERIZER 3.0 live a/v performance, in cooperation with Visual Music Award)
- Dreamscapade, DreamLikeBubbles Gallery, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, 11 Sep 2015 (VJ set)
- Audiovisual Spectacular, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, 18 May 2015 (w/ Idiotape)
- vurt, Seoul, Korea, 16 May 2015 (VJ set)

IDIOTAPE + MAX HATTLER at Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, 2015.
35-minute concert.

"Max Hattler and Sune Petersen (...) is a double act well worth seeing, and a welcome, thoughtful approach to using technology to deliver high quality performative visual artwork. Hattler’s work is predominantly digital animation, while interactivity and a focus on technology has been crucial to Petersen’s practice. This makes for a brilliant collaboration. Petersen creates generative visuals which can be controlled and navigated live using tools such as joysticks. Using code, light and these navigational tools he is creating a set of of musical instruments, for playing visual music. Add to this Hattler’s smooth, sharp animations and you have a seductive, dynamic visual world to get lost in. Sheets of tiny particles move across the screen creating the sense of motion in the viewer, as if we are travelling at the speed of light towards another dimension. With relentless symmetry we are drawn through portals and gateways and blasted across over over-developed sci-fi cityscapes… or is that bacteria in a petridish?… or is it a circuit board?… There is just enough visual information and velocity to draw the audience in and allow us to create our own narratives, like some high-tech, high-momentum Rorschach test. The constantly changing landscape defies easy definition though, and every time our brain settles on one narrative, it is blown apart and subverted by another. Like the hypnogogic visions on the edge of sleep, this journey is better enjoyed than explained." Carla MacKinnon, Rich Pickings, 2013

"In a two-way AV show, Max will be using his own visual instrument ... to create textured and abstract geometric visuals. In response to the visual improvisations, Mikhail, will be utilising his own voice (as well as electronics and backing sounds), which spans from melodic passages to extended vocal techniques, and bridges Western vocals with folk sounds from his native Greece."
Art Wednesday

max hattler + mehmet can ozer: asure at apparat lab, aalborg, denmark, 2010
Asure concert series (with Mehmet Can Özer + various instrumentalists) Electro-acoustic improvisation by Mehmet Can Özer and his Asure software, and a different guest musician for each concert. This is complemented visually by Max's improvisation using the Hattlerizer, a visual instrument developed with Sune Petersen.

"Max Hattler is shaking Platform4 in it's very core! Loud, brutal and beautiful!" Apparat Lab, Platform4, Aalborg, Denmark

"strange and wonderful sounds and images filled the Høgni Pub at The Animation Workshop as Mehmet Can Özer and Max Hattler performed their musical and visual alchemy called Asure." The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark

max hattler rescore 192010 at vienna independent shorts 2010
Max Hattler + Mehmet Can Özer at Anima Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 2011.

"Like his avant-garde German predecessors, Hans Richter, Oskar Fischinger and Walter Ruttman, Max Hattler is fascinated by the relationship between sound, music and moving pictures. He has built himself a solid reputation on the trendy international scene with his audiovisual performances. He will be joined for this performance by a big name in electro-acoustic music, Mehmet Can Özer."
Anima Festival 2011

"Mehmet Can Özer ... and ... visual artist Max Hattler: a tremendous combination." MUSMA

Max Hattler + Vesper On at Animac, Lleida, Spain, 2012
HATTLER-IZE/VESPER-ON at Animac, Lleida, Spain, 2012. 45-minute audiovisual live performance. Photo: David del Val.

"German born Max Hatter conducted a well attended Master Class focusing on his unique multi-media style. Later that evening Max was joined by Mehmet Can Ozer, a prominent name in the electro-acoustic world, to give a live performance putting into practice what he had talked about earlier that day. Max's fascination with the relationship between sound, music, and moving images always makes for a unique, one of a kind experience."
Nancy Phelps, Animation World Network, 2011

Resc(O)re 192010 at Vienna Independent Shorts 2010
Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku: resc(O)re 192010 at Vienna Independent Shorts, Austria, 2010. Photos: Mira Horvath

"a film historical live-performance given by the multiple prize-winning and rightly much-lauded AV-media artists Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku." VIS Vienna Independent Shorts

"In der Liveperformance 'resc(O)re 192010' vertont der mehrfach ausgezeichnete Londoner AV-Künstler Max Hattler live historische Pionierfilme des abstrakten Animationsfilms. Dazu widmet sich die japanisch-britische Künstlerin Noriko Okaku Live-Visuals, der 'visuellen Musik' von heute." Österreich Journal

Max Hattler + Pablo Gav at Universidad Marista, Mexico City, 2010
Max Hattler + Pablo Gav: Inchoate m3x/c(-) at Universidad Marista, Mexico City, 2010. Photos: Lucy Estrada Irigoyen, Electrovisiones.

"one of the hottest new VJ's of the moment" Discovery 09, Amsterdam

Hackney Film Festival 2011Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku: /\/\/\ at Hackney Film Festival, London, 2011.

/\/\/\ at Anilogue 2010
Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku: /\/\/\ at Anilogue Festival, Budapest, Hungary, 2010.

"Very seldom after having enjoyed an artistic performance these days do I really feel that I have experienced something new and unique. Hattler and Okaku's performance of /\/\/\ in Fredrikstad on November 12th 2009 was such a rare experience." Gunnar Strøm, Professor of Animation, Volda University College, Norway, 2009

"Watching Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku perform is an electrifying experience. The audio-visual duo work so seamlessly together that I forgot I was watching a performance as I became part of the event." Nancy Phelps, Sprockets: Nancy's Animated World, 2010

"The most interesting audiovisual mix was the experiment of Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku, which delighted the public with Japanese influences and very well combined visuals." Ana Argatu, Videofil, on Oh Yes at Muuuvi Festival 2009

"Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku are some of the hottest young audio-visual artist in the world at the moment." Fredrikstad Animation Festival, 2009

"...killer VJ sets." The Animation Show, 2006

"one of the best VJs in Europe" Shade Inc, Berlin

Max Hattler + Ladyscraper at ICA, London, 2008
Max Hattler + Ladyscraper at ICA, 2008

"Artist's palette is now a laptop"
De Gelderlander, Holland

Max Hattler + Robert Seidel at Filmfest Dresden, 2008
Max Hattler + Robert Seidel at Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 2008

"Hattler vs Seidel ... two of Europe's most hotly tipped visual artists." Metropolis Magazine, Japan, 2008

Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku live at Sucasa, Ulm, 2010
Max Hattler: Remixing the Past at Big Chill Festival, UK, 2007. Photo: Alasdair MacGregor

"Max Hattler ... master of the live re-mix." APEngine

Johannes Ender at Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2007
Max Hattler + Economy Wolf feat. a hairy dance by Johannes 'Your Highness' Ender at Beck's Fusions, ICA, London, 2007.

"Max Hattler's films, played in the background of Economy Wolf's set, were a joy to watch, finished spectacularly by the star of Max's films doing a hair striptease, most disturbing." InterventTech, 2007

/\/\/\ at Electrovision, London, January 2010
Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku: /\/\/\ with Rich Keyworth at Electrovision, London, January 2010. Photo: Dr. Mo

"seamless and unique projection on each of the three screens."
Dr. Mo, Electrovision, 2010

"'Today's ubiquity of open source tools enables visual artists to simply develop their own applications and thus define their own look. Nowadays, there are a lot more options and opportunities to create visuals and turn them into a performance,' explains German-born and London-based visual artist Max Hattler. With his own Hattlerizer application, designed to play visuals like an instrument, he choreographs and performs improvised concerts. Well-known for his graphic abstractions, Hattler favours eclectic audio-visual collaborations with musicians and producers ranging from Diplo all the way to Basement Jaxx. Taken to its extreme and logical conclusion, this might result in repetitive, mantra-esque animations like 1923 aka Heaven, created as part of a workshop with film students. However, this fascinating clip reveals only one side of his varied output: Hattler's animated short AANAATT, featuring music by Jemapur, transforms the ceiling into the canvas of an animated collage and clearly pays homage to the tradition of 1920s German film-maker and visual art pioneer Oskar Fischinger." Verena Dauerer, VJ to Visual Artist, mb! Magazine, 2011


Jovanotti: L'Ombelico del Mondo
Concert visuals for Jovanotti, directed and produced by Max Hattler. "It's l'ombelico del mondo! It looks like a flag turbo generator and melter. I love this idea." Lorenzo 'Jovanotti' Cherubini.


Basement Jaxx: Where's Your Head
See here for more info. "madness ... we love it, it looks great!" Basement Jaxx

The Egg: Nothing

The Egg: Catch
The Egg 'Nothing' and 'Catch' concert visuals co-directed by Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku, triggered live by keyboarder and frontman Ned Scott. N.B.: at this particular concert the single-screen visuals were projected on two overlapping screens which doesn't always work. " looked really great. Definitely a composed level up. Getting my fingers into new and weird configurations was quite hectic at first, but now, oh so natural." Ned Scott, The Egg

Solo (2003)
Video projections for Patrick Sutardjo's Solo für Tänzerin, Violoncello und Video. KlangRiffe Festival für Riskante Musik, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, 17 May 2003

- Trendelenburg, Oviedo, Spain, 13 Sep (Hattlerizer 2.0 w/ Vesper On)
- Trendelenburg, Gijon, Spain, 9-12 Sep (Hexangular Electronique Ensemble residency and concert)
- SPOT Festival, Aarhus, Denmark, 2 May (w/ Sune Petersen, Emil de Waal, Spejderrobot, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra)
- ITFS, Stuttgart, Germany, Fri 25 Apr (Hattler vs. Hattler w/ Hellmut Hattler) "Hattler vs. Hattler präsentieren ein spannendes Zusammenspiel zwischen den Basstexturen des Vaters und den Video-Abstraktionen des Sohnes." (Prisma, 2014)
- Reykjavík Visual Music · Punto y Raya Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland, 19:00 Sat 1 Feb (Hattlerizer 2.0 w/ Vesper On)
- Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany, 16 Jan (Hattlerizer 2.0 w/ Vesper On)

HATTLERIZER 2.0 at Reykjavik Visual Music · Punto y Raya Festival, Iceland, 2014. 45-minute audiovisual live performance (video documentation: Punto y Raya). "カラフルな色使いとグラフィカルな形に彼の強いアイデンティティを感じました。彼の作品には迷いを感じない力強さがあり、その強いメッセージの中に遊びごころがありました。" Shin and Emi Hirai, Usaginingen, 2014

- Seeing Sound Symposium, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK, Sun 24 Nov (Disruptive Technologies: Feeding You w/ Matthias Kispert) "a neo-psychedelic anti-retail piece which visually and sonically warps a variety of corporate brandings" Weinel et al
- Playgrounds Festival, Tilburg, Holland, Thu 7 Nov (Hattlerizer 2.0 w/ Vesper On)
- Re-New Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, Fri 1 Nov (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW)
- Animatou Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, Fri 11 Oct, 22:30 (Hattlerizer 2.0 w/ Vesper On)
- New Moves, Gallery, London, 10 Oct - 23 Nov (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW video documentation featured in exhibition)
- onedotzero BL-NK launch, BL-NK, London, Wed 25 Sep (VJ set w/ DJs Al Doyle (Hot Chip) and Pete Fowler)
- Videoholica, Varna, Bulgaria, Fri 2 Aug (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW)
- Making Tracks, Rich Mix, London, Sat 27 Jul (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW w/ The Cabinet of Living Cinema)
- Nozstock Festival, Bromyard, Herefordshire, Fri 26 Jul (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW)
- Whirlygig Cinema, Hackney Attic, London, Sat 22 Jun (w/ My Panda Shall Fly)
- Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Ger, 15 Jun (Hattlerizer 2.0 w/ Vesper On)
- Science Friction, Copenhagen, DK, 28 May (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW w/ schmid)
- The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark, 24 May (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW w/ Thomas Ahlmark/Vektormusik)
- Click Festival, Elsinore, DK, 10 + 11 May (Moiréize installation w/ Sune Petersen)
- Electrovision, London, UK, 23 Mar (w/ Mikhail Karikis)

HATTLERIZER 2.0 at Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, 2013. 45-minute audiovisual live performance (video documentation: Nuria Gómez Garrido & Natalia Ourvalova). "Hattlerizer 2.0 is the latest incarnation of Max Hattler’s audiovisual live performance practice. Using custom-built software, Hattler expresses an abstract optical terrain in which hard-edged geometries and supple organic forms proliferate, interact, and wane. Aesthetics of metric shapes and colours coalesce with optical feedback recursions to engross the audience with virtual realms that range from the soft, nebulous, and celestial, to the frenetic, psychedelic, and dissonant. Paying homage to influences in improvisational jazz and avant-garde animation, Hattler plays his visual instrument in an ad lib manner, resulting in a radiant spectacle that is at once arresting, rapturous, and starkly original. Vesper On accompanies Hattlerizer 2.0 with an experimental electronic soundtrack composed and performed exclusively on a Nintendo Game Boy." Schaustelle

HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW at Science Friction, Copenhagen, 2013. 35-minute audiovisual live performance. Visuals by Max Hattler + Motorsaw, audio by Schmid. "Having Max and Sune perform at Science Friction was a great experience: they took over and transformed our space totally, offering a very immersive and intense experience for the guests." Jakob Sikker Remin, Science Friction

- Sonic Visions, Reutlingen, Germany, 15 Nov (Hattler vs. Hattler w/ Hellmut Hattler)
- a/vant-garde, Kings Place, London, 8 Oct (w/ Mikhail Karikis, curated by D-Fuse + Out Hear)
- Abandon Normal Devices, Manchester, UK, 29 Aug (HATTLER-IZE/VESPER-ON)
- ISFF Detmold, Germany, Sat 9 Jun (HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW w/ schmid)
- Animated Com Award Show, ITFS, Stuttgart, DE, 11 May (VJ/DJ set w/ Michael Fakesch)
- European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany, 21 Apr (HATTLER-IZE/VESPER-ON)
- Go Short, Nijmegen, Holland, 17 Mar (w/ Sam a la Bamalot + Grimm Limbo)
- Animac, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain, 3 Mar (HATTLER-IZE/VESPER-ON)

HATTLER VS. HATTLER at Sonic Visions, Reutlingen, Germany, 2012. 60-minute audiovisual live performance. "Vater und Sohn im Dialog - Hellmut Hattler hat als Bassist von Kraan und Tab Two Musikgeschichte geschrieben. Sein Sohn Max Hattler lebt als erfolgreicher Medienkünstler in London. Gemeinsam sind sie noch nie auf der Bühne gestanden. Für ihren ersten Versuch haben sie sich ausgerechnet Reutlingen ausgesucht: Thomas Maos und Friedemann Dähn können es als Coup verbuchen, dass sie die beiden in ihre audiovisuelle Reihe »Sonic Visions« am franz.K gelotst haben. Und die Vater-Sohn-Performance am Donnerstagabend kam an. Selten ging das Publikum in der Reihe so spontan mit, wie zu den energetischen Basstexturen Hellmut Hattlers im Zusammenspiel mit den Video-Abstraktionen von Max Hattler. Dass zwischendurch der Laptop zickte und den Klangstrom vom Bass nur ruckelnd durchließ, machte die Sache noch spannender. Vater und Sohn mussten spontan reagieren. Kurzerhand wurde die über den PC zugespielte zusätzliche Klangschiene mit Schlagzeug und Ähnlichem weggelassen. Von nun an gab es nur noch Hellmut Hattlers Bass pur im Dialog mit den von seinem Sohn live gesteuerten Projektionen. War vorher manches poppig wie Lounge-Musik gewesen, erlebte man nun freies Reagieren aufeinander: Hier kantig aufgewühlte Basstexturen, dort farbige Blöcke, die auf der Leinwand ein virtuelles Weltall durcheilen. Klasse!" Reutlinger General-Anzeiger

HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW at ISFF Detmold 2012. 45-minute audiovisual live performance (excerpts). Visuals by Max Hattler + Motorsaw, audio by Schmid. "Uhrlaut co-founder and visual artist MOTORSAW and Uhrlaut audio artist Schmid went to Detmold in Germany to perform with the magnificent Max Hattler at ISFF International Short Film Festival. The show titled HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW featured Schmid doing a live remix of the entire Uhrlaut label back catalogue. An all together mesmerizing experience." Uhrlaut 

HATTLER-IZE/VESPER-ON at European Media Art Festival 2012. 45-minute live performance. "Together with the Barcelona-based Game Boy music artist Vesper On, Max Hattler will present a proto-infographic live performance. It will be loud, colourful and absolutely entertaining – prepare to be amazed!" EMAF Newsletter   "Max Hattler's performance on Saturday night is a highlight of the EMAF Night." Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung   "HATTLER-IZE/VESPER-ON thrusts you into a tunnel of euphoric visual sonicism. Max Hattler's mesmerising visuals act as a magnetic anchor of the audience's gaze, they're hypnotic, immersive and arresting. Once locked into the central core of the visual the viewer is then propelled into a heady audio abyss via a wave of analogue noise by Jordi Baldo whose reworked Game Boy synthesisers shoot abrupt beats that culminate into a reimagined sense of techno musicality. It's an intense ride that leaves the audience buzzing and yearning for more!" Christina Millare, Programme Co-ordinator, Cornerhouse / AND Festival   "Al igual que otros años, Animac siguió conectando la animación más experimental con la música de vanguardia. Esto se sintetizó a la perfección en la agresiva performance que ofrecieron Max Hattler, el animador alemán residente en Londres, y el leridano Vesper On, basada en una fusión de ritmos 8 bits con una estética protoinfográfica." Citoplasmas

- Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em, West Germany/Büro für postpostmoderne Kommunikation, Berlin, Sat 5 Nov (Remixing the Past + improv set w/ Mehmet Can Özer)
- NOVA Contemporary Culture, Cinemateca Brasileira, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8 Oct (Protey Temen's PASSION with live remix sections by Max Hattler (visuals) and Akin Deckard (audio))
- CAMP Festival for Visual Music, ZKM/HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany, 23 + 24 Sep
- Hackney Film Festival, London, 17 Sep (/\/\/\)
- Human Error, 93 Feet East, London, 12 Aug (live visuals for Evokateur)
- Open Research Panel: Audiovisual Performances, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, Wed 27 Jul (improvised live performance w/ Matthias Kispert, Blanca Regina)
- University of East London, 28 Jun (Professional Doctorate in Fine Art Exhibition)
- CAMP Festival for Visual Music, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia, 11 + 12 Jun
- Klub Mocvara, Zagreb, Croatia, 11 Jun (CAMP Festival after-show VJ set)
- Vienna Independent Shorts, Vienna, Austria, 26 May (/\/\/\ + dj+vj set w/ Noriko Okaku)
- Donaufestival, Krems, Austria, 30 Apr (live visuals for Diplo, w/ Noriko Okaku)
- Film Networks: Hattler & Okaku, Donaufestival, Krems, Austria, 30 Apr (/\/\/\)
- NOVA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23 Apr (w/ Hapax, AlbiNOI, Objeto Amarelo & This Time)
- Anima Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 11 Mar (w/ Mehmet Can Özer)
- Exposition of New Music, Brno, Czech Rep, 4 Mar (Mehmet Can Özer's Siyah Kalem Dance)
- Shade Inc at NBI, Berlin, Germany, 12 Jan (VJ set w/ DJ Akia)

Max Hattler, i.m.klif (visuals) + Hanfreich, Sandi Strmljan (music) at CAMP Festival for Visual Music 2011 (part 2), HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany. 17-minute audiovisual live performance.

Max Hattler (visuals) + Fried Dähn, Hanfreich, Thomas Maos (music) at CAMP Festival for Visual Music 2011 (part 1), Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia. 7-minute audiovisual live performance.

Max Hattler (visuals) + Hapax, AlbiNOI, Objeto Amarelo & This Time (music) at NOVA Contemporary Culture, Rio, Brazil. Multi-collaborative, one-off, 75-minute audiovisual live performance. "with respect to all the other shows... this one was THE BEST so far! Incredible HAPAX, Albinoi, Objeto Amarelo and special mention to MAX HATTLER (my vj god for the next decade!)" David Quiles Guilló (NOVA curator)

- Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia, 18 Dec (w/ Ocusonic)
- Anilogue Festival, Budapest, Hungary, 27 Nov (/\/\/\)
- Goethe-Institut, Ankara, Turkey, 9 Nov (Asure w/ Theodosii Spassov)
- Animation Workshop, Viborg, DK, 23 Oct (Asure w/ Denis Chapon, Henrik Malmgren)
- Apparat LAB, Platform4, Aalborg, Denmark, 22 Oct (Asure w/ Christian Skjodt)
- Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark, 20 Oct (Asure w/ Jacob Danielsen)
- Goethe-Institut, Ankara, Turkey, 19 Oct (Asure w/ Issam Rafea)
- Goethe-Institut, Ankara, 12 Oct (Asure w/ Cenk Guray, Miase Bayramoglu)
- The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark, 11 Sep (w/ Motorsaw)
- Circuito Off, Venice, Italy, 4 Sep ((O))
- NOVA, Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 13 Aug (/\/\/\)
- Videofestival, Bochum, Germany, 12 Jun (/\/\/\ performed by Noriko Okaku w/ Diane Karner covering for Max. Winner of Contest for Audiovisual Performances 2010)
- Animafest, Zagreb, Croatia, 4 Jun ((O))
- Vienna Independent Shorts, Austria, 1 Jun ((O) + rescore 1920 = resc(O)re 192010)
- Universidad Marista, Mexico City, 30 Apr (Inchoate m3x/c(-) w/ Pablo Gav)
- Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City, 29 Apr (Remixing the Past)
- Decadance, Sucasa, Ulm, Germany, 9 Apr (VJ set w/ Lexy)
- 6th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, 14 Feb (Untitled)
- VIS: KurzFilmZimmer, Vienna, Austria, 31 Jan (Oh Yes)
- Electrovision, London, UK, 23 Jan (/\/\/\ w/ live audio by Rich Keyworth)
- London Short Film Festival, London, 17 Jan ((O))

Max Hattler and Ocusonic at Videomedeja 2010
Hattlerizer live visual improvisation meets live electronic music by Ocusonic, 45-minutes.
"Max Hattler gets trippy at Videomedeja ..." Partizan

"brilliant ... Textured geometries meld and blink in lovely combinations of hard-edged abstraction and painterly layers." Peter Kirn, Create Digital Motion

"hypnotic ... Dim the lights, sit back and enjoy."
Directors Notes

rescore 192010 - excerpt: Richter & Ruttmann
Abstract animator Max Hattler re-scores the films of his heroes Hans Richter (Rhythm 21, 1921), Walter Ruttmann (Opus IV, 1925), Slavko Vorkapich, (Abstract Experiment in Kodachrome, ca 1940s-1950s) and Ralph Steiner (Mechanical Principles, 1930). Commissioned by and premiered at VIS Vienna Independent Shorts 2010 as one part of "resc(O)re 192010" (= two-part performance of "rescore 1920" and "(O)"). "Was Max Hattler hier zuwege bringt, ist nicht so sehr das Kunststück, eine passende Musik zu den bewegten Formen der frühen Avantgarde gefunden zu haben. Vielmehr gelingt ihm der Coup, mit präziser Soundarbeit auf einmal eine Art von reinem Verständnis für die abstrakten Bilder von Richter und Co. zu erzeugen. Hier wird (Film)Geschichte lebendig." Daniel Ebner, Vienna Independent Shorts (2010)

(O) (with Noriko Okaku)
Live audiovisual performance with images by Noriko Okaku and music by Max Hattler, premiered at London Short Film Festival 2010 and presented at festivals around Europe.
"...a collaboration between motion design hot-shots Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku."

"With (O), Max returns to his teenage roots in sound/music-making and makes a first foray into live audio performance, complemented by Noriko’s surreal animated visuals."
LSFF 2010

"une belle performance sons et images, mais un autre lieu qu'une salle de cinéma aurait été préférable afin de pouvoir bouger et danser."
National Film Board of Canada, on (O) at Animafest Zagreb 2010

- Jackbox NYE, Sucasa, Ulm, Germany, 31 Dec (3-screen VJ set)
Ex Mercedes Benz, Neu-Ulm, Germany 23 Dec (3-screen VJ set)
- International Short Film Festival Leuven
, Belgium, 30 Nov (Oh Yes)
- Cimatics Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 28 Nov (Oh Yes)
- Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway, 12 Nov (/\/\/\)
- Optica Festival, Madrid, Spain, 16 Oct (Remixing the Past)
- Square Eyes: Hertz & Lux / Made in Arnhem, Holland, 26 Sep (Oh Yes)
- Discovery 09, Amsterdam, Holland, 25 Sep, (special headline performance using 3D laser scanners + 3D range camera, w/ Enist + TU Delft + C-Mon & Kypski)
- Muuuvi ISFF, Lazar Castle, Romania, 1 Aug (Oh Yes)
- Curtas Vila do Conde, Portugal, 9 Jul (Oh Yes)
- Glastonbury Festival, UK, 24-28 Jun (Oh Yes pre-recorded screening)
- Birobox Workshops, Nottingham, 21 May (Oh Yes)
- Moves09, Manchester, UK, 25 Apr (Oh Yes)

/\/\/\ (with Noriko Okaku, soundtrack by Rich Keyworth)
Live animation performance commissioned by Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2009, and subsequently toured to festivals worldwide. "/\/\/\ ... was an amazing experience. As I watched the images flow across the trio of screens and listened to the interesting soundtrack especially commissioned for the piece, I became part of the experience. I talked to several festivalgoers who had the same experience. I urge any of you who have the opportunity to see Noriko and Max not to miss the experience." Nancy Denney-Phelps, Sprockets Nancy's Animated World, 2009

"Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku really explore new fields of narration in animation with their /\/\/\ performance, which combines real-time presentation with 3-screen projection. Interacting with Rich Keyworth’s soundtrack, almost symphonic in its structure, Hattler and Okaku gently improvise using repetitive sequences of animated figures and objects, ranging from simple drawings to more complex abstract structures. Just their subtle response to the audience reactions reminds you that it’s not a fixed film, it’s a live performance. Combining a sensitive beauty with discrete comic elements, /\/\/\ is an astonishing piece of work, and it was one of the highlights of Fredrikstad Animation Festival 09." Trond Ola Mevassvik, FAF Director, 2009

"Attending a performance by this duo of animators who have two such different visual perspectives is stimulating to both the mind and the soul. Add to that an interesting direction in sound design, and you have a brilliant evening." Nik Phelps, Composer, 2009

"this was the first such performance I’ve seen which I will call an audiovisual animated piece of art in its own right – standing out not as an illustration of music but as an independent piece of audiovisual art in itself. My associations went to the films of Oskar Fischinger, but performed live in a modern visual language in front of a live audience." Gunnar Strom, Professor of Animation, Volda University College, Norway, 2009

"great work!" The Light Surgeons, 2010   "the audience was treated to a hypnotic display of live animation courtesy of Noriko Okaku and Max Hattler" The Hackney Citizen, 2011   "improvised animation by Noriko Okaku and Max Hattler" The Guardian, 2011

Oh Yes (with Noriko Okaku, soundtrack by dubmarronics)
YouTube-found footage collaborative audiovisual live performance commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and premiered at Moves09 Festival in Manchester, UK. Noriko and Max toured this performance around Europe. "Festival debuts for innovative strands included Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku’s laptop-enabled live performance of intertwined electronic audio and fleeting, fragmented visuals." RealTime Arts Magazin, 2009

" intellectually stimulating audiovisual experiment, analyzing the body and movement in contemporary pop culture." Mihai Fulger, Observator Cultural, Romania, 2009

"A YouTube infused a/v performance offering a multi-coloured meditation on bodies, movement and pop culture." Cimatics Festival 2009

"YouTube-infected array of Olympian athletes and roller coasters."
Electric Sheep, 2009

"much-praised audiovisual performance ... one of the highlights of the evening ... visuell-meditativer Bilderrausch."
Vienna Independent Shorts: KurzFilmZimmer, 2010

"playful ... witty ..."
Abandon Normal Devices, 2009

- Animated Dreams, Tallinn, Estonia, 22 Nov (VJ set w/ Noriko Okaku)
- Good and Evil Night 7, Solfa, Tokyo, 4 Nov (VJ set w/ Noriko Okaku)
- Digital Dreams, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, 1 Nov (VJ set w/ Nao Tokui)
- Exground, Germany, 14 Nov (Remixing the Past)
- Curtocircuito Festival, Santiago, Spain, 23 Oct (Remixing the Past)
- Animae Caribe, Trinidad, 23 Sep (Remixing the Past)
- AnimationVolda Festival, Norway, 12 Sep (VJ set w/ Volda Viny)
- Haselstock, Northamptonshire, UK, 15 Aug (w/ The Egg)
- Camp Bisco, Mariaville, New York, USA, 19 Jul (w/ The Egg)
- Seco Lounge, Tokyo, 25 May (Hattler vs. Seidel w/ Nick Luscombe)
- Planet Studyo, Osaka, 24 May (Hattler vs. Seidel)
- Roots, Gastro Pub Spark, Kobe, Japan, 23 May (Hattler vs. Seidel)
- UrBANGUILD, Kyoto, Japan, 18 May (Hattler vs. Seidel w/ dubmarronics)
- K.D Japon, Nagoya, Japan, 16 May (Hattler vs. Seidel w/ dubmarronics)
- Liquid Loft, Tokyo, 10 May (Hattler vs. Seidel w/ Salmon)
- Snack Nagako, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan, 9 May (Hattler vs. Seidel)
- Apple Store Ginza, Tokyo, 5 May (Hattler vs. Seidel)
- Le Baron, Tokyo, 23 Apr (Hattler vs. Seidel)
- Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 15-20 Apr (Hattler.Seidel vs. Filmfest Dresden: Dresden ISFF-commissioned performance, remixing award-winning films from the festivals 20-year history)
- Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 15 Mar (Untitled)
- London Short Film Festival, 13 Jan (closing party headline performance w/ Economy Wolf, featuring Enist + Johannes Ender) "Award winning animator Max Hattler has created two MTV2-featured music videos for [Economy Wolf], introducing Johannes ‘Your Highness’ Ender as a Bez-esque honorary dancing member. For this LSFF performance Your Highness will be present in person. Daniel Berio aka Enist, a graphic designer and programmer from Florence, Italy, is supporting Max’s visuals with his custom-made graphics engine that renders Your Highness into a computer games character. Tonight’s performance will be the second of its kind, since the now-legendary gig for Beck’s Fusions at the ICA earlier in 2007." LSFF
- London Short Film Festival, ICA, London, 10 Jan (special performance w/ Ladyscraper)

Ladyscraper + Max Hattler at London Short Film Festival, ICA, London, 10 Jan 2008
Animate Projects-commissioned headline performance at Soundtracks night. Other audiovisual collaborations on the night: Ben Rivers + Blood Stereo, Sarah Wood + The Exploits of Elaine.
"Award winning filmmakers Sarah Wood, Ben Rivers and Max Hattler are using archive and found footage to create short films and visuals sets to screen tonight, to be accompanied by live music from three of the most experimental avant-garde outfits around. The event is supported by Animate Projects who explore the relationship between the visual arts and animation."
London Short Film Festival

- London Jazz Festival, Luminaire, London, 23 Nov (VJ set w/ Led Bib)
- AURORA, Norwich, UK, 10 Nov (Hattler vs. Seidel)
- Anim'est, Bucharest, Romania, 13 Oct (Remixing the Past)
- Anim'est, Bucharest, Romania, 12 Oct (VJ set w/ DJ Eddy)
- Media Art Friesland Festival, Holland, 28 Sep (Remixing the Past)
- Beck's Fusions at the ICA, London, 6 Sep (special performance w/ Economy Wolf)
- The Big Chill, UK, 3 Aug 2007 (Remixing the Past)
- Digital City, Corsica Studios, London, 28 Jul (VJ set)
- Whitechapel Art Gallery, 6 Jul (VJ set w/ Economy Wolf)
- Roxy Bar and Screen, London, 24 May (VJ set w/ Microtricks)
- Roxy, Ulm, Germany, 10 May (special performance w/ Kraan)
- Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany, 9 May (special performance w/ Kraan)
- Collisions, Soho House, London, 1 May (VJ set)
- 93 Feet East, Shoreditch, London, 25 Mar (VJ set w/ Economy Wolf)
- Digital City, Epicurean Lounge, London, 16 Mar (VJ set w/ Tentonatom)
- NottingHill2050, The Cobden, London, 10 Mar (VJ set)
- Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, UK, 23 Feb (Remixing the Past)
- Animation Show, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 27 + 28 Jan (VJ set)
- Animation Show, California Theatre, San Jose, USA, 26 Jan (VJ set)
- Animation Show, Castro Theatre, San Francisco, USA, 25 Jan (VJ set)
- London Short Film Festival, London, UK, 6 Jan (Remixing the Past)
- Late at the Tate: The Electricity Bill, Tate Britain, London, Fri 5 Jan (w/ Smack Miranda)

Max Hattler vs. Robert Seidel (soundtrack by The Springmine Disaster / Sounds & Sons)
Performance commissioned by AURORA. Max and Robert later toured it all over Japan.
"The piece has an unexpected sense of drama and energy, with Max Hattler’s structural, graphic forms intervening spikily in Robert Seidel’s treated video work - harmony and dissonance, form and chaos... quite the opposite of most conventional VJ sets, which often seem to function as stylish but lazy wallpaper." Adam Pugh, AURORA Festival Director

Max Hattler + Economy Wolf at Beck's Fusions at the ICA, London, 6 Sep 2007
Performance featuring Enist and Johannes Ender, commissioned by Beck's Fusions and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Other a/v collaborations on the night: Matthew Herbert + Woof Wan-Bau, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) + Brian Degraw (Gang Gang Dance). "Also on the bill is animator and film-maker Max Hattler ... Although relatively new to the commercial scene, his personal work is a revelation and Max has promised to pull out all the stops to rise to the occasion at the ICA. His already inspiring work with the band Economy Wolf (he has directed two promos for the band) will come to fruition as both parties perform together live." ICA

"amazing and surreal visuals" Trial and Error Recordings

Remixing the Past (featuring super 8 home movies + music by Kraan)
Commissioned in 2007 by animate! + London Short Film Festival. Max toured this performance to festivals in Holland, Germany, Spain, Trinidad, Romania, UK. "an animate! VJ night with guest filmmakers Run Wrake and Max Hattler creating live VJ sets from their own home movie footage" Philip Ilson, LSFF Co-Director

rousing and poignant"
Kate Taylor, LSFF Co-Director

"Max looks to his parents 1970’s communal lifestyle in Germany and particularly at his father’s success in Krautrock band Kraan. Kraan will also provide the prog rock and free jazz soundtrack to this super-8 journey into a hippie ideal for living as we’re taken on a sun-speckled journey into the fields and woods of a rural commune."

- bleepgeeks, NU Bahnhof, Neu-Ulm, Germany, 23 Dec 2006 (VJ set)
- Rokken, Volda, Norway, 3 Nov 2006 (VJ set)
- Short Film Summer School, London, 14 Jul 2006 (VJ set w/ Rowena True)
- Rio, Berlin, Germany, 8 Jul 2006 (VJ set)
- Runsounds, Sub Club, London, 24 Jun 2006 (VJ set)
- Vibe Bar, London, 3 Jun 2006 (VJ set)
- Digital City, Corsica Studios, London, 2006 (VJ set w/ Liberation Jumpsuit)
- Notting Hill Arts Club, London, 2006 (VJ set w/ Lions and Tigers)
- Hoxton Square Bar, London, 2006 (VJ set w/ Lions and Tigers)
- London Short Film Festival, ICA, London, 6 Jan 2006 (VJ set)
- Acud, Berlin, Germany, 27 Nov 2005 (VJ set w/ Magma + Bento)
- Norwich International Animation Festival, UK, Oct 2005 (VJ set w/ Dan Tombs)
- Ginglik, London, 17 Sep 2005 (VJ set w/ Liberation Jumpsuit)
- Onedotzero, Sketch, London, 13 Mar 2005 (assisting Happy Hour)

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